Carmelina Dahl is used to taking care of herself. Growing up poor with a drunk for a mother gave her little other choice. But she's worked hard to get ahead and now at twenty-six years old her sole focus is on creating a white-picket-fence-life of her own.

Shane Mitchell is the 'golden boy' goalkeeper for Austin United who's known for his hard partying ways and his love of playing the field - in more ways than one. So when Carmelina tags along to a Major League Soccer game the last thing she expects is to catch the attention of the sexy athlete.

Carmelina is not a fan of soccer or of the notorious player and despite the sparks that fly between them she refuses to be another notch on his bedpost. But Shane is used to getting what he wants and once he has her in his sights he won't back down. He is possessive and domineering and he's the type of man who always plays to win. Carmelina has spent a long time building up the walls that the cocky and self-assured Shane seems determined to break down. He is hell-bent on convincing her that some people are worth trusting but what he doesn't know is that she has a red-card-worthy secret of her own. Will the secret she's keeping help even the score or will it prove too off-side for Shane to handle?


What happens in Cabo stays in Cabo…until it doesn’t.

College sophomore Bailey Linn thinks a little sun and sand at Spring Break is exactly what she needs to de-stress. But when a tequila-fueled dance contest puts her, quite literally, in the lap of a Southern frat boy, things get interesting. Cash Daughtry is the complete opposite of Bailey in every way, but she’s intrigued enough by his piercing blue eyes and playful accent to spend one uninhibited night with him.

Back home at Oregon State University Bailey is shocked when she runs into none other than Cash. Now for the sake of his career they have to pretend like nothing happened - a task that proves easier said than done. Bailey quickly gets on Cash's bad side and they push each other’s buttons every chance they get. She harps on him for his pretty-boy cowboy boot wearing, country-music loving ways and Cash gives it back as good as he gets it to the wild and tattooed Bailey.

Eventually they find enough common ground to call a truce but when their lives outside of school intersect, the same things that brought them together threaten to drive them apart. Their connection is undeniable, but is it enough to overcome their differences?


When college graduate Sophie is accepted to a prestigious writing program in New York she is almost certain that she will have to turn it down and stay behind in the Midwest. That is, until her best friend’s boyfriend, Ethan, decides to tag along for the ride. Sophie and Ethan have a history of butting heads and things finally come to blows when they are forced to share a tiny studio apartment in an effort to save money.

Life in a new city starts off rough with only five hundred square feet and a flimsy curtain separating them. But before long Sophie realizes there’s more to Ethan than the moody and brooding artist she imagined and they soon find themselves heading down a dangerous path that threatens to change everything.

When the secret they are keeping is finally revealed friendships will be destroyed and relationships will be pushed to the limit leaving only one question to remain - is what they have built together strong enough to survive against the odds?

 Stevie Tyler is a bartender-slash-waitress working at a high end hotel in the world-class ski village of Whistler.  Granger Ellis is a hard-partying Scottish rock star enjoying some downtime following the end of a hectic world tour.

Stevie meets the rock God when he emerges from the hotel pool with nothing clinging to him but wet hair and shamelessness.  He's immediately intrigued, but she hates modern rock almost as much as she hates self-indulgent celebrities.

Stevie is a motorcycle riding member of Mensa with a passion for eighties hair bands, knitting and her pet iguana, Toto.  She has her PhD in molecular biology and she's brilliant - literally.  Granger wants her in a bad way - muffin top and all - but his band mates have other ideas, and he's got a few vices of his own that just might threaten their future together.
  Can they make coming from two shockingly different worlds work or will all the sabotage and meddling prove to be too much for them to take?